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  1. The Designer will come to your home. ($50). If you make an order, this fee will be complementary.
  2. The designer will make custom drawings of each desired room and offer you a unique perspective and suggestions for your office, restaurant, or home. ($10-$30).
  3. Specific window measurements will be taken by our Designer or by you. ($10 each).
  4. The Designer will assist you with color selection and with fabric texture.
  5. Draperies will be custom made for: Living room, Dining room, Bed room, Child’s room, Kitchen, Offices, Restaurant, Theaters, and etc.
  6. Custom cover for chairs.
  7. Custom cover for sofas and sofa pillows.
  8. Custom made Bedspreads and Bed pillows.
  9. Custom made Table Cloths, Napkins, and etc.
  10. When your order is finished, delivery will be made at your convenience.
  11. Installation of custom order s, (10% addition to total price), is available.
  12. Alteration Services



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